Ways to Make Your Home Look Stylish on a Budget

Decorating your home need not be expensive. There are things around the house you can change easily to make your place look more stylish. These little things are often neglected and you think that they won’t make a difference even if you change them but you may be surprised once you do.

Check out the tips below on how to make your home look stylish on a budget.

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Hang Curtains High and Wide

Instead of hanging the curtain rod tight to the window frame, try hanging your curtains “high and wide”. Mount the curtain rod as high as you can, so your curtains gently kiss the floor when hung. Also get a rod that’s large enough to extend about six inches past the window frame.

Classic Neutral Paint

By using a neutral backdrop, your home will look much more stylish for much longer.

Area Rugs

This need not be expensive. Check out Divisoria for fabric or linen that you can use instead of buying the ready made ones.


Update the Lampshades

There are a lot of DIY tutorials that would teach you on how to change your lamp shades. Materials for this are not expensive so if you’re up for the task, do it yourself instead of buying.


Use Matching Containers for Open Storage

Dollar stores have a lot of cheap options for this. If you do not find the color your like, you can also paint them to match your home’s theme.


Replace Hardware


This includes kitchen cupboard knobs and pulls, old hinges and cheap knobs on exterior doors, interior knobs and hinges.



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