How To Make Your Own Geometric Hanging Pendant Light

How To Make Your Own Geometric Hanging Pendant Light

Pendant lights hanging from the ceiling gives a room a different impression from the ordinary light bulb fixture. These pendant lights may be really expensive but fret not as we have an inexpensive solution to this. I have come across a blog that lays out instructions on how you can make your own geometric light fixture using drinking straw. This is an inexpensive alternative to buying a ready made one and you can experiment on different shapes.

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This is the original one from ikea that we are aiming for:

Check out the photo below

The instructions are in a different language but I’m borrowing the photo instructions and posting the video here for your reference.

Scissors and Ruler
Paper Foam

Straw Measurements:
Cut the straws with these measures (6 straws of each size)
– 6 x 2 cm
– 6 x 15 cm
– 6 x 11,5 cm
– 6 x 24 cm
– 6 x 7 cm
– 6 x 14 cm

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