Wall Shelving Ideas That You Can Do Yourself

Wall Shelving Ideas That You Can Do Yourself

Wall shelves are not only for storage purposes. It can also serve a decorative function. This is especially useful for small living spaces as you can use your walls for additional storage without compromising the aesthetic feel of the place.

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I have gathered some wall shelving ideas that you can do it yourself at home or try to find similar ready made ones that will fit the design of your room.

Some shelves are made of wood and some of them are made of wire. For those who have a small living space, I would recommend the ones made with wire as it does not feel cramped when you look at it and does not take up too much visual space.

For the do it yourself ones, you can use foam board wrapped with a wood design wallpaper. This won’t be as sturdy as the wooden ones but if you will just place small decors then this will do. For the wired ones, you can use BBQ sticks or chopsticks to form the shelf and stick it together with either glue gun or mighty bond glue.

Some of the photos below have dimensions you can follow to create your own version of the shelves.

  1. Swing Shelf Wood Storage










2) Simple wall storage rack
































3) Double layer grid rack
































4) Wall mounted grid storage shelf display
























5) Multi function wall decor shelf
























6) Wall decor shelf
































7) Modern minimalist creative wall storage shelf










8) House art wall shelf

















9) Wire minimalist wall decorative shelf










10) Modern wire hanging shelf

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