How To Hard Bind Your Own Books

This is a very interesting do it yourself project that I specifically searched for because book binding outside is a bit expensive. Since I have a lot of travel photos I wish to print and turn into a coffee table book, I found a way to do this at home at a fraction of the cost. Below is a guide on how to hard bind or soft bind your own books.

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You can use this technique to bind your printed travel photos to make your own photo books or those wedding photos saved on your computer to make your own wedding photo book. This is not only useful for binding photo books or books, this can also be used to make your own notebooks, diary or organizer. You can print your own book cover, use cloth, or faux leather fabric to achieve your desired look.

Aside from printing your own books, you can also use this to bind books and give them as gifts to friends. A personalized gift that’s inexpensive and easy to do.

The things you will need are very simple and you will probably find them at home. You will need a sewing needle, thread, glue, bond paper, the printed materials you will use for your book content, hard cardboard, the one used in boxes if you wish for your book cover to be hard bound, and the cloth or printed material you’ll use for the book cover.

Check out the photo below for the steps on how to assemble your hard bound book. (from

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