DIY Ideas That Use Adhesive Wallpaper

DIY Ideas That Use Adhesive Wallpaper

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These adhesive pvc wallpapers are not only there to adorn your house walls. There are others creative uses to them as well.

Here are some decor ideas you can try at home using adhesive pvc wallpapers. These projects makes use of pvc water proof wallpapers you can buy either online or at hardware stores.

For our Philippine readers, has them in different designs. You can also visit Divisoria to get one. These projects make use of the wood design wallpaper and the marble design one.

As we all know marble and wooden decors are expensive and sometimes it’s hard to get the design we really like so I have compiled some ideas you can try out.

You can check out the photos below.

1) Wooden Tissue Box

You can create your own tissue box with some used boxes wrapped with the wooden design wallpaper or create the box from scratch using foam board.

2) Marble coaster

You can use cork board to design a square, circle or any shape you wish then wrap it with the marble wallpaper.

3) Marble tray

You can either use an old tray then cover it with the marble design wallpaper or create one using foam board.

4) Marble pencil holder

You can use either an old pencil holder or used cans covered with the marble wallpaper to achieve the effect.

5) Desk Organizer

This one is best covered with the wood design wallpaper. You can use foam board to make it sturdy then wrap it with the wood design wallpaper.

6) Trashcan

Make your trash cans fit your room design by using wallpaper like the picture below.

7) Faux Marble Liquid Dispenser

The ceramic marble dispensers are pretty expensive. Now you can create your own using those plastic liquid dispensers and wrap them with the wallpaper. Since these wallpapers are water proof, they can be used for this purpose.

This is the look that we wish to achieve for your reference.

8) Faux Marble Table Top

Change the look of your table top without breaking the bank. Using these wallpapers especially the marble and wood designed ones, you can achieve that new look easily.

9) Cabinet doors

Redesign your kitchen cabinets by wrapping your cabinet doors with these wallpapers.


That’s it. These are just some ideas you can use. I’m guessing you can find more inspiration at home when you see those boxes and cans laying around unused. Try to re purpose them instead of throwing them away. These wallpapers are not that expensive and you get a lot with just 1 roll so you can create as much as you can.

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