DIY Do It Yourself Fake Book Decor

DIY Do It Yourself Fake Book Decor

I’m going to share today how to make a fake book decor. You can either go with changing the cover of an existing book which is easier or creating a fake one with cardboard boxes which can be used as an extra storage for small items.

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Have you seen those coffee tables and book shelves that have those coffee table books? That’s the result we wish to achieve as buying all those books is really a bit expensive. Of course you are more than welcome to buy them and follow the visual arrangements below to achieve that sophisticated look.

There are fake book decors for sale online but since we wanted to mix and match to our own tastes, this tutorial will help you achieve just that. You can also help the environment and reduce waste by recycling those cereal boxes. Instead of throwing them you can use them to make cool home decor.

For the fake book that uses an actual book, choose a hardbound one, the one with a cover that you can flip and use the backside. Either print the design you like directly on the backside of the paper cover or print the design on another paper and just stick it on the book spine.

For the fake book using used boxes and cardboard you can check out the steps below.

Things you will need:

– Box
– Cardboard (the hard one for the book cover and spine)
– Glue
– Paper to print your design on
– Scotch tape


1) Wrap the box with paper to hide the prints on it.
2) Cut 3 pieces of cardboard, 1 for the front cover, 1 for the back and 1 for the book spine. Make sure to leave a bit of space all around and not to cut it exactly the size of the box.
3) Tape the 3 cardboard pieces together.
4) Measure the taped cardboard and use this as the paper size on your photo editor.
5) Search a photo of the logo or design of the book you wish. Print it on the paper.
6) Glue the printed photo on the 3 piece cardboard that you just taped together.
7) Glue the cardboard (the 3 pieces that you taped together) on the box, wrapping around it.


You can use your own design as book covers. You can also make use of fabric instead of printed photos. Use glossy paper to achieve a different feel and alternate dark covers and white ones for more effect.

That’s it. Make as much fake books as you wish.

If you followed our tutorial we would be happy if you can share your work on the comments section for others to see.

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